The following is a list of items campers have found useful. Please keep in mind that Annapolis is usually hot and humid during the summer.

Also, please be prepared for campers to be able to carry their luggage up/down stairs for check-in and check-out as campers and families are not permitted to use dormitory elevators.

  • Running shoes and socks. Campers will be walking from the dormitory to the boathouse and should wear comfortable shoes. (Please note that sandals are not allowed in the dining hall, so we ask campers to wear running shoes to/from practice.)
  • Combination lock for lockable closet in dorm room
  • EXTRA LONG twin sheets, pillow case, blanket, and pillow (if you do not have extra long sheets, you can instead bring a sleeping bag)
  • Small fan (optional - the dorms are air-conditioned)
  • Towel, toiletries, shower shoes (flip flops) sunscreen
  • Spending money for gift shop and Annapolis town visit (including money for snacks from our Camp Store - all items are $1)
  • Alarm clock
  • Hat and sunglasses are strongly encouraged
  • Sweatshirt and/or long sleeved shirt (for cool weather)
  • Water bottle
  • Extra socks
  • T-shirts and tight-fitting shorts (lycra/spandex shorts are recommended as baggy shorts will likely get caught in the boat; tank tops are allowed for rowing but not in the dining hall)
  • Clothes for our one Annapolis town visit (ex: nice shorts and a blouse)
  • Rain jacket (rain pants are encouraged for coxswains)
  • Some type of backpack/sack pack to carry supplies back and forth to the boathouse

All campers will be housed 2 to 4 per room in the Navy dorm, Bancroft Hall. Each room has lofted twin beds, desks, lockers, vanity, and a shower. 

packing list