Check-in & check-out


Check-in will occur in the Hubbard Hall (boathouse) parking lot. This location is on the Naval Yard beyond security and campers will only be able to drive on during our posted check-in/check-out times. Instructions to get to the boathouse via Gate 6 of the USNA:

  • Check-in will run from 8-8:15am; Gate 6 will open early at 7:50am / it will close at 8:30am
  • Use the following address for your GPS: 181 Wainwright Drive, Annapolis, MD 21402 (double-check that this is entered correctly as there are two Wainwright Drives in Annapolis!!)
  • This address will bring you to Halligan Hall which is just outside of Gate 8 of the USNA. You will make a right at that building and follow a loop around the baseball fields to bring you to GATE 6 (see map)
  • At Gate 6, anyone over the age of 18 in the vehicles will need to show ID so please have your ID out and ready as you approach the gate 
  • Proceed through Gate 6 and make the first right into the Hubbard Hall parking lot and stay right to pull up to the front of the boathouse. Please stay in your cars and join the queue to check in. If early, please just start a line at the curb by the boathouse doors. DO NOT PARK!
  • Be ready to roll the windows down on the side that your camper is on so that our staff can perform a temperature check and confirm that we have all needed medical documents (online questionnaire, proof of physical, proof of CV-19 vaccination if applicable. After Monday, we will only be running the temperature check and making sure you completed your questionnaire)
  • Once we have completed check-in from your car, your camper will then exit the vehicle and be directed to the side of the boathouse; if there are any issues with check-in (e.g. your temperature is high or you forgot something) or if the camper drove herself, you will be directed to a parking space at that time
  • Parents will then be directed out of the boathouse parking lot to turn left and exit via Gate 8 (the same road you initially entered the USNA on)

***If you have military ID, we still ask that you follow the directions above for both check-in and check-out to keep the drop-off loop one-way so that we do not have accidents in the parking lot!


Our check-out/pick-up will run very similarly to the morning. Please follow the check-in instructions above to reach the boathouse parking lot again via Gate 6. When you arrive, please form a line starting at the boathouse doors. A staff member will ask you who you are here to pick up and your camper will be sent out to you. Please do not park. Campers will be ready for pick-up by 3:45pm (Gate 6 will be open for cars to start arriving at 3:30pm and will close at 4pm). On Friday, campers will be ready for pick-up by 12:30pm and Gate 6 will open for cars to start arriving at 12:15pm.

JULY 19-23 Camp