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I do not turn 13 until later in the summer – can I still attend?

Yes, as long as you will be 13 heading into the 2021-2022 school year and are prepared to handle the physical demands of the sport, you are more than welcome to attend camp. Rowers are expected to be able to lift approximately 30 pounds (their share of the boat weight) over their heads when transferring the boats in and out of the water at the beginning and end of each rowing session.

Are you still holding camps for adult (age 19+) women?

Unfortunately, due to scheduling, we are not able to continue holding a summer Women’s Rowing Camp. 



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How do I sign up?

First, go to our application page and fill out an application. We strongly urge parents and campers to fill the application out together so that we can obtain the most accurate information possible – the application asks for standard biographical information, along with athletic testing data (e.g. erg times).

Next, after completing the application, your camp fee must be submitted within 48 hours to secure your requested spot or you will risk forfeiting your spot. The payment page provides a link to submit this fee via the Navy Athletics secure payment processing site.

Please note that your spot in camp is not confirmed until we receive both an application and successful payment. ​

I’m applying for a coxswain spot – why is there no payment link?

Due to the very limited number of coxswain spots available, we are emailing the payment link to all approved coxswain applicants to avoid possible over-enrollment (we do not have enough water sessions to be able to spread spare coxswains over). You will receive an email within one business day of your application with either payment instructions or waitlist placement information.

Please do NOT go ahead and pay using a rower link – if you do and we do not have a spot for you, we will not be able to refund the $15 credit card fee.

Do you offer an overnight camp?

In the past, we only offered overnight camps but due to COVID-19 we are not able to offer housing or overnight supervision for campers in 2021. If you will require local overnight accommodations to attend camp, please refer to our hotels page for recommendations and special rates.

May I attend more than one camp?

Of course! The more strokes you take, the more feedback you will receive from us!​

Do you offer discounts?

NCAA rules prohibit free/reduced camp admission for prospect-aged individuals.

 Additionally, Navy Sports Camps do not offer military discounts due to the large volume of campers from military families.​

What safety guidelines will be in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at camp?

All campers and camp staff will be required to complete an online questionnaire each day prior to arrival to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature checks will be conducted at check-in. All oar and erg handles and any other equipment that campers will use will be sanitized before new camper use.

Masks will be required for unvaccinated campers at all times outside of eating/drinking and aerobic activity. Vaccinated campers are not required to wear a mask (with the following exceptions: masks are required by all when using a USNA bathroom and/or riding a camp shuttle). 

Physical distancing between campers while in boats is not possible in our sport, but we are limiting registrations so that we can keep physical distance for all land activities and maintain our historic low camper-to-coach ratio of 10:1. 

Any additional procedures and policies will be shared as we get closer to camp as we continue to monitor state, local, and Navy health guidelines in our efforts to ensure a safe and rewarding Navy Rowing Camp experience.​

What if camps are cancelled because of COVID-19?

If COVID-19 forces the cancellation of any of our camps, full refunds minus the $15 non-refundable credit card fee will be issued.


What should I bring?

  • Athletic shirt/tank top and shorts (note: tight fitting clothing is advised as loose clothing can get stuck in the rowing equipment)
  • Masks (due to expected heat and humidity in June and July, it is advised that campers bring more than one mask so that they can swap a clean/dry one out after lunch)
  • Water bottle
  • Rain jacket (coxswains may want to consider bringing rain pants)
  • Packed lunch requiring no refrigeration or microwaving (5-day camps only; lunch is provided with 3-day camp)
  • For Learn-to-Row Campers, OPTIONAL: baseball/soccer goalie/football gloves for rowers... we typically do *not* recommend gloves for our sport as gloves can prohibit proper grip and feel of the oar, but as new rowers typically develop blisters on their hands we are making an exception for this year to help prevent the spread of germs (and to protect their skin from the harsh sting of hand sanitizer on open blisters... ouch!)

Am I allowed to have my cell phone?

Yes, however cell phones are only to be kept and used in the camper’s backpack and are not allowed out at formal camp activities (meals, rowing sessions, briefs, etc.), as we wish to have our campers fully present and engaged while they are with us at camp. The camp reserves the right to confiscate cell phones from campers who do not follow this policy and return them at the end of the day.

What kind of boats will we row?

Our camp is a sweep camp and we boat in 8+s. Depending on numbers, there is a chance that we may row 4+s. We do not offer sculling experience at our camp, but scullers are very much welcome to work with us as a sweep rowers for the week!

What do you offer for coxswain training?

Our coxswains receive feedback alongside their rower counterparts throughout each water session, and meet with their assigned coach before and after sessions for additional feedback and communication. Our goal is to develop our coxswains' independence and leadership skills throughout the week.

I have only rowed/coxed at camps/clinics before... can I attend camp?

Yes, at this time we are accepting applications from those with only prior camp/clinic experience in our 5-Day Developmental Camp (July 19-23). If we receive enough interest to field a full boat of this application type in our 3-Day Developmental Camp (June 28-30), we may be able to take you there. Please email us if interested in our 3-Day Camp.

How should I get to camp?

Campers may arrive by car, train, or plane. If traveling by train or air, we recommend the BWI Amtrak Station or BWI Airport, as they are closest to Annapolis (but please note that we are not able to offer a shuttle service this year, so transportation to your hotel/camp is the camper’s responsibility).

Our check-in location is currently TBD. We will post updated information on daily check-in soon.​

I do not live in the Annapolis area... is there any type of camp housing like in the past?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are unable this year to provide overnight accommodations and camper supervision outside of our established daily camp hours. If you are not local and hoping to attend camp, you have the option of driving in and out each day (you can be dropped off and picked up, or if of driving age we will have available parking for camper vehicles), staying with friends/family nearby, or arranging for a hotel stay in the area. Our hotels page provides a list of recommended hotels along with discounted rates for our campers. 

Do my parents need to come with me?

If you are traveling to our camp and needing to stay overnight in a hotel, please know that we are not able to provide any chaperoning for unaccompanied campers. Our staff will supervise campers from check-in until check-out each day on the Naval Academy grounds. So, for campers traveling from a distance, you will likely need a parent or family member to accompany you for a hotel stay or look to stay with local friends/family.

If you are driving into camp each day, we will have parking available for any campers old enough to drive; otherwise, parents will have a designated drop-off and pick-up point. Information has been emailed directly to registered campers and families.

I’m traveling with a member of the Boys’ Camp – are we able to check in at the same time?

Yes, our camp check-in/out takes place at the same time and location as the Boys' Crew Camp.

My parents have a military ID – do I still need to go to the main check-in?

Yes, due to our COVID-19 check-in protocol, all campers must go to our designated check-in point each day.

Do I need to have a physical prior to camp?

Yes, the Naval Academy Athletic Association requires campers to provide a complete and valid physical examination form that was completed within one year of the start of camp. This would be a form from your doctor, much like the one you would submit to your school. If your doctor or school does not have a specific form, you can substitute this with a letter from your doctor, stating you are in good physical health and able to participate in a rigorous athletic camp. Please include any allergies and/or daily medications. 

We do not have a specific camp form we provide, so please follow the above guidelines and work with your child's doctor to secure an appropriate form or note.

How should I submit my proof of physical?

If you wish to submit the form in advance of camp, please email it to

You also have the option of submitting it in person at camp check-in.

*Please note:
we must have a copy of the physical/letter by no later than camp check-in. If you choose to submit your medical form in advance of camp via email or mail, you will be emailed confirmation of its receipt by camp staff.

I have a food allergy – can I still attend?

For our 3-day camp where we provide lunch, campers will be given the option closer but prior to the start of camp to select their lunch for each day, so campers with food allergies should be able to be accommodated. However, if you have a particularly severe allergy of concern, we ask that you please check in with our staff via email to make sure your camper will be able to eat safely while at our camp. It is possible that campers with food allergies may need to supplement or provide their own meal/snacks with food they are comfortable bringing with them to camp.

For our 5-day camps, campers are expected to bring their own lunch, so campers will be able to control their food choices for that meal. We will provide snacks, so if you have a particular food concern, you are welcome to bring your own snacks with you.