What safety guidelines will be in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at camp?

As 2022 will mark a return to our residential overnight camps, all campers and camp staff must be fully vaccinated (2 weeks past their second dose) against COVID-19

Additional procedures and policies will be shared as we get closer to camp as we continue to monitor state, local, and Navy health guidelines in our efforts to ensure a safe and rewarding Navy Rowing Camp experience.​

TRAVEL / check-in

I do not turn 13 until later in the summer – can I still attend?

Yes, as long as you will be 13 heading into the 2021-2022 school year and are prepared to handle the physical demands of the sport, you are more than welcome to attend camp. Rowers are expected to be able to lift approximately 30 pounds (their share of the boat weight) over their heads when transferring the boats in and out of the water at the beginning and end of each rowing session.

I am also interested in attending the USNA STEM camp – am I able to stay in the dorm between camps?

No, the USNA is unable to provide housing between camps. In the past, campers who have elected to do both have stayed with family/friends in the nearby area or in a hotel between camps.

Are you still holding camps for adult (age 19+) women?

Unfortunately, due to scheduling, we are not able to continue holding a summer Women’s Rowing Camp. 



camp curriculum


How do I sign up?

Go to our registration page and fill out an application. We strongly urge parents and campers to fill the application out together so that we can obtain the most accurate information possible – the application asks for standard biographical information, along with athletic testing data (e.g. erg times).

After completing the application, please submit your camp fee as soon as possible to secure your requested spot. The registration page provides a link to complete the payment via secure online payment as well as directions to mail a check payment.

Please note that your spot in camp is not confirmed until we receive both an application and successful payment.

Do you offer a day camp?

No. We have found that an integral part of the camp’s experience lies in the bonding opportunities presented by living in the Midshipmen dorm for the week and therefore do not offer a day camp option.

May I attend more than one camp?

Yes! Our schedule is the same each week, but in most cases, you will be placed with a different coach each week and have the opportunity to hear a new voice and get new feedback on your rowing stroke. The more you attend, the more you get out of it!

Do you offer discounts?

NCAA rules prohibit free/reduced camp admission for prospect-aged individuals.

Additionally, and unfortunately, Navy Sports Camps do not offer military discounts due to the large volume of campers from military families.​

Do campers typically come alone or with friends/teammates?

It’s about 50/50. We know many younger campers are often nervous to come to camp without a friend or teammate, but please know that at least half of our campers typically come alone but leave with strong new friendships due to the structure of our boatings and rooming assignments.

Do I need to have a physical prior to camp?

Yes, the Naval Academy Athletic Association requires campers to provide a complete and valid physical examination form that was completed within one year of the start of camp. This would be a form from your doctor, much like the one you would submit to your school. If your doctor or school does not have a specific form, you can substitute this with a letter from your doctor, stating you are in good physical health and able to participate in a rigorous athletic camp. Please include any allergies and/or daily medications. 

We do not have a specific camp form we provide, so please follow the above guidelines and work with your child's doctor to secure an appropriate form or note.

How should I submit my proof of physical?

If you wish to submit the form in advance of camp, please email it to

You also have the option of submitting it in person at camp check-in.

*Please note:
we must have a copy of the physical/letter by no later than camp check-in. If you choose to submit your medical form in advance of camp via email or mail, you will be emailed confirmation of its receipt by camp staff.

I have a food allergy – can I still attend?

Yes, however, please understand the dining hall is unable to make special dietary accommodations for individual campers. All campers eat in King Hall where food is cooked in peanut oil and peanut butter is on every table. A gluten-free menu is not available for campers.

In the past, we have had campers with food allergies still choose to attend – they rely on the food that they can eat in the dining hall and supplement with additional food that they have brought with them to camp (we keep a small refrigerator in a counselor’s room that is available for use in these cases).

If you have an allergy of concern, we advise you to please contact Camp Director Heather Schlosberg ( prior to submitting your camp payment to make sure that the camp is the right fit for you.

I have medication that needs to be refrigerated: will I have access to a refrigerator during the week?

Yes, we keep a refrigerator in a counselor’s room available to campers with medical need.

What is your policy on camp medicine administration?

If your daughter takes regular medication, please contact Camp Director Heather Schlosberg at to form a plan of administration for the duration of camp.


What should I bring?

Please refer to our comprehensive packing list.

Am I allowed to have my cell phone?

Yes, however cell phones are only to be kept and used in the camper’s room and are not allowed out at formal camp activities (meals, rowing sessions, seminars, etc.), as we wish to have our campers fully present and engaged while they are with us at camp. The camp reserves the right to confiscate cell phones from campers who do not follow this policy.

How should I get to camp?

Campers may arrive by car, train, or plane. If traveling by train or air, we recommend the BWI Amtrak Station or BWI Airport, as they are closest to Annapolis. Complimentary shuttle service is provided to campers from both BWI Amtrak and BWI Airport.

Check-in for campers and families arriving by car is held at the Navy-Marine Corps Football Stadium where parking is plentiful.

Do my parents need to come with me?

It is entirely up to you and your family whether or not your parents should join you for the check-in and move-in process. If traveling by air or train, we do offer a complimentary shuttle service for campers. A camp staff member will meet the campers at the airport/train station and accompany them on the shuttle over to the Midshipmen dorm and help them find their rooms.

We do not recommend that campers drive themselves to camp – instead, if traveling by car, we do request that campers be dropped off by a parent or guardian. It is then up to the parent/guardian if he/she would like to help get their camper settled in the dorm or if they wish to depart after check-in at the stadium (our expert team of counselors will greet campers at the dorm and help to settle any move-in issues that may arise). *At this time we are planning on parents being allowed to assist their camper at move-in, but it is possible this policy could change due to visitor restrictions.

When should I arrive in Annapolis?

Check-in for campers arriving by car will run from 2-3pm at the Navy-Marine Corps Football Stadium. Please allow enough time to arrive within that window. Please plan for potential delays as on Sunday afternoons, the Bay Bridge from the Eastern Shore and the NJ Turnpike can have quite a bit of traffic. 

For campers planning to make use of our complimentary shuttle service from BWI Airport or Amtrak Station, flights should arrive no later than 1:30 pm and trains no later than 2:00 pm. ​Campers will be met at 2:00 pm in the Observation Gallery at the airport (between the B and C concourses) and at 2:30 pm at the Train Station, then transported to camp via a chartered bus. The Observation Gallery is located between concourses B and C and is next to the Subway sandwich shop, directly behind the American Airlines counter. This spot is outside of security, so campers should pick up their luggage and then head upstairs to the Observation Gallery.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I miss the camp shuttle?

As flight delays are inevitable, we always recommend booking an early flight. It’s better to have a little extra time at the airport or train station than to stress over being late!

However, if your delays are significant, pending your eventual arrival and space, you may be able to get on the Boys’ Crew Camp shuttle that picks up at 3:30pm from the airport and 3:45pm from the train station. If you arrive later than that or if the Boys’ Camp shuttle has no room, you will need to be prepared to take a taxi to Gate 1 of the USNA. Cab fares run between $30-40 and you will need to be in touch with one of our two camp directors to coordinate meeting a staff member at the gate. Contact information for our camp directors will be provided prior to the start of camp via email.

I’m traveling with a member of the Boys’ Camp – are we able to check in at the same time?

Our camp check-ins and check-outs are staggered: the Boys’ Camp check-in on Sunday is at 4pm (with a 3:30 pm pick-up from BWI Airport and 3:45 pm pick-up from BWI Amtrak) and their check-out on Thursday is at 10:30am (with a 10:30 am shuttle to the airport and train station). Our camp check-in is at 2pm on Sunday (with a 2pm pick-up from BWI Airport and a 2:30pm pick-up from BWI Amtrak) and our check-out on Thursday is at 12:45pm (with a 12:45pm shuttle to the airport and train station).

So, if you are traveling with one of our boys’ campers, you should plan on an early enough arrival on Sunday and a late enough departure Thursday to accommodate the Girls’ Camp schedule as outlined above. If traveling by air or train, the boy camper will need to wait at the airport or train station for the Boys’ Camp shuttle as there is no early check-in option available on Sunday.

My parents have a military ID – do I still need to go to the football stadium for check-in?

Yes, you will need to officially check in with camp staff at the stadium to receive your room assignment and to drop off your medical form if you have not submitted it previously. Once checked in, it is then your choice whether to ride one of the camp shuttles over to the dorm or if you would like to drive onto the Yard in your parents’ vehicle.

What kind of boats will we row?

Our camp is a sweep camp and we boat in 8+s. Depending on numbers, there is a chance that we may row 4+s. We do not offer sculling experience at our camp, but scullers are very much welcome to work with us as a sweep rowers for the week!

What do you offer for coxswain training?

Our coxswains receive feedback alongside their rower counterparts throughout each water session, and meet with their assigned coach before and after sessions for additional feedback and communication. Our goal is to develop our coxswains' independence and leadership skills throughout the week.

I have only rowed/coxed at camps/clinics before... can I attend camp?

Yes, however we will only be able to accept applicants with less than a full formal season of rowing/coxing in our last two weeks of camp (June 19-23 and June 26-30).