• Athletic shirt/tank top and shorts (note: tight fitting clothing is advised as loose clothing can get stuck in the rowing equipment)
  • Running shoes & socks (you can bring slides as well if you wish, but running/training shoes are a must!)
  • Spare set of workout clothes in case of rain (including socks!)
  • At least one mask (multiple if you are not fully vaccinated or vaccinated but choosing to row in a mask -- with June/July humidity, you will likely want a dry mask to change into for the afternoon row)
  • Water bottle -- we advise filling this with icy water at home to start the day (we will have coolers for refills)
  • Rain jacket (coxswains may want to consider bringing rain pants)
  • Packed lunch requiring no refrigeration or microwaving (5-day camps only; lunch is provided with 3-day camp)
  • Optional, but advised: combination lock to protect valuables while at camp
  • For Learn-to-Row Campers, OPTIONAL: baseball/soccer goalie/football gloves for rowers... we typically do *not* recommend gloves for our sport as gloves can prohibit proper grip and feel of the oar, but as new rowers typically develop blisters on their hands we are making an exception for this year to help prevent the spread of germs (and to protect their skin from the harsh sting of hand sanitizer on open blisters... ouch!)

what to bring