The following is a list of items campers have found useful. Please keep in mind that Annapolis is usually hot and humid during the summer.


  • Rowing/coxing clothes for 5 days with multiple sessions each day (1 on Sunday, 3 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday) - plan to have at least one set of spare dry clothes & socks in your bag each day *for our 4-day camp, follow the above but eliminate 2 rows
  • Optional: slides/sandals(note the need for running shoes regardless of whether or not you bring slides - explained in next section)
  • Sweatshirt and/or long sleeved shirt(for possible cool weather - please check the forecast before your week of camp as Annapolis does occasionally surprise us with cooler temps the first week of camp!)
  • Rain jacket(summer storms are common in the evenings)
  • Hat/visor and sunglasses are strongly encouraged
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen... SUNSCREEN!(plan for long days in the sun)
  • Water bottle (we will have coolers for refilling)
  • Some type of backpack/sack pack to carry supplies back and forth to the boathouse

LEARN-TO-ROW CAMPERS: there is no need to purchase any specific rowing gear for camp, but please avoid loose or baggy clothing (e.g. basketball shorts) as it can easily get stuck in the rowing equipment. We would advise packing tight-fitting shorts (such as spandex/lycra or running shorts) and a t-shirt or tank top for each day with spare dry clothes in your bag. Rowers’ socks (they do not wear shoes in the boats) can get quite wet, so make sure to have spare socks for each day! A hat or visor is also strongly advised.



  • Running/tennis shoes and socks. Campers will be walking from the dormitory to the boathouse and should wear comfortable shoes (sandals are not allowed in the dining hall, so we ask campers to wear running shoes when walking around the Naval Yard)
  • Loose fitting shorts to put on over your spandex for the dining hall (spandex alone is not permissible)
  • T-shirt for the dining hall (if rowing in a tank top - please make sure to always have a t-shirt in your bag as shoulders must be covered in the dining hall)
  • 1 casual outfit for our trip to visit Downtown Annapolis


  • Combination lock for valuables (make sure Mom/Dad also know the combination! We do *not* recommend keyed locks as keys go missing very quickly)
  • Twin sheets & a blanket (or a sleeping bag), and pillow with pillowcase. Note: the dorm beds are regular twins, but some have reported that twin XL sheets are a better fit than regular twin sheets.
  • Towel & toiletries (shower shoes are strongly recommended)
  • Pajamas 
  • Alarm clock (if not using a phone)
  • Optional: snacks not requiring refrigeration or heating (we will have snacks in our camp store for $1/piece)


  • Spending money for the Navy gift shop, trip into Downtown Annapolis (most campers will get ice cream or Starbucks), & camp store (snacks/camp gear)
  • Medications (including OTC ones like Tylenol, Advil) with written dosage and instructions. Camp staff are not able to administer medication but can monitor campers self-administering according to written instructions.

Packing List