The Naval Academy Athletic Association requires our campers to provide a complete and valid physical examination form that was completed within one year of the start of camp. This would be a form from your daughter's doctor, much like the one you would submit to her school. If her doctor or school does not have a specific form, you can substitute this with a letter from her doctor, stating the camper is in good physical health and able to participate in a rigorous athletic camp. Please include any allergies and/or daily medications. 

If you wish to submit the form in advance of camp, please email it to navycamps@gmail.com.

You also have the option of submitting it in person at camp check-in.

**Our camp does NOT have a specific form to fill out. Please refer to the guidelines provided above.


The Midshipmen dining hall, King Hall, does not cater to any specific diet at the Naval Academy as many food allergies or required special diets are disqualifications for naval service; this policy remains the same for our summer campers, so allergies to common foods or a required special diet (vegetarian, gluten-free) may be a disqualifying condition for attending our camps. 

Peanut oil is not utilized in the on-site food preparation process, but some foods are prepared at an off-site warehouse which may have used it. Therefore, we cannot guarantee peanut allergy accommodations in King Hall. Additionally, meals are served family style at each table and campers are not able to order gluten-free or other special diet meals. More details and a sample menu can be found on our dining page.

If you have a food allergy or dietary requirement, please make sure to contact our staff by email prior to completing your application and payment as we are unable to refund credit card fees and we want to make sure your camper will be able to safely and adequately nourish herself while at camp.


​If your camper takes regular medication, please note that camp staff may supervise a camper taking the medicine but cannot actually administer the medicine or take possession of it. Campers must be able to self-medicate responsibly to attend camp.​

A refrigerator will be available if the medication requires refrigeration.


​Every Navy Rowing Camp has an athletic trainer on-call for the duration of camp. All staff working with our campers are also First Aid and CPR certified. ​


In the unfortunate event that a camper becomes ill at camp, the camper's parent/guardian will be contacted. Our athletic trainer and camp staff will monitor the camper's illness and communicate with parents to make a care plan. We have local health care options in the event a camper needs to be evaluated by a physician. If a camper is unable to return to participate in the camp program for a prolonged period of time, arrangements will be made for that camper to go home.

Medical Requirements & Policies